Special Glasses Allow US Veteran to See for First Time in 20 Years

Mark Cornell served in the US Air Force for 18 years before he became blind.  He spent 20 long years unable to see, but thanks to the magic of technology and some super special glasses, he has recently seen for the first time in 20 years.  His reaction is priceless.

eSight glasses, made by a company based in Toronto Ontario, use a camera and advanced computing to create real-time video that can be enhanced and magnified for people suffering from vision impairment.

Thank you to Sunnyskyze.com for sharing this story.

Former Homeless Woman Gives Back with Free Makeovers for Homeless

Spiritual Spa DaysVanessa Howard, who was once homeless herself, now owns a salon in Tampa, Florida and once a month she gives homeless women free makeovers.

WFLA News Channel 8
 Ms. Howard holds her ‘spiritual spa days’ once a month and has her 5 daughters and a number of volunteers helping out to give these women complete makeovers.  Often these makeovers helps create a real and lasting change within the women, with up to 95% of the beneficiaries going on to get jobs.

To help out, call Howard at (813) 512-8992 or send donations to 11406 N. Dale Mabry in Tampa.

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Previously Hired Sign Holder Goes Back to Waterloo Station to Hire Others

Alfred Ajani SignholderThis is a great feel good and do good story from Huffington Post about Alfred Ajani.

Alfred Ajani, 22, graduated from Coventry University in Coventry, England, in 2014 with a degree in marketing. After submitting hundreds of job applications with little luck, he took to the Waterloo train station in London last August. He stood inside, holding a sign with his qualifications written on them, and handed out his resume in an attempt to find a job. Ajani’s unique effort attracted several employers and a few months later, he had started a new job.

What Happens When Two Homeless Men Arm Wrestle for $100 in New York City? VIDEO

Model Pranksters TVYou won’t believe what happens when two homeless men have to arm wrestle for $100 on the streets of New York. This is a very inspirational video from ModelPrankstersTV.  Good on them for going out and making good things happen!

What would happen if we all had this attitude?  As the winner of the contest said, “Feed the needy, not the greedy”.

Thanks to Noreen Feeney Plath for sharing it on Facebook and to Elite Daily for sharing the video on their site.

Your Chance to Do a Good Deed

Send Danny Nickerson a Birthday Card

From Robert in Seattle on Facebook:
Just sent the little guy a birthday card today and now sharing this with all my friends!

Come on, everyone – Share this on your page too. It’s just a card and a postage stamp!  Danny loves Lego and Super Mario too!


Danny Nickerson has an inoperable brain tumor. His mom says he gets lonely since he can’t go to kindergarten anymore. All Danny wants for his birthday is some birthday cards since he can read his name now:http://www.king5.com/news/editors-pick/5-year-old-with-cancer-just-wants-birthday-cards–268022001.html
Danny’s 6th birthday is July 25, if you’d like to send a card or Legos or Super Mario:

Danny Nickerson
P.O. Box 212
Foxboro, MA, 02035

Thanks to Robert Lee for sharing this and King 5 TV for the story.

Buy the Book: Manifest Change – Stop Wanting. Start Having.

Manifest Change Stop Wanting Start HavingIt’s so cool – my fiance, Stacia “Soon to Be” Kennedy, or Stacia Loo, The Millionairess in Training is now a published author.  She is one of 19 co-authors of the new book “Manifest Change”, which was edited by Erica Glessing.

There are so many great stories in the book – including the story of how Stacia manifested her dream job working for a successful real estate broker, developer and philanthropist. (Chapter 13) [Read more...]

New DNA-lengthening Therapy Could Double Human Lifespan

Living BlissHarvard-trained neurosurgeon Dr. C. Norman Shealy develops an innovative new therapy that challenges the phenomenon of aging. For the first time, he has shown in a clinical study that telomeres can be regenerated in healthy people and plans to release results of the Bliss Oils study in August.

“Every time DNA cells divide, we lose a little bit of telomere length, and eventually, the loss is what prevents proper cell division and limits human life,” Shealy said. 

Science has established that people who have longer telomeres, the tips of strands of human DNA, live longer lives and are less susceptible to some diseases. It is the natural lifelong reduction in the length and integrity of the DNA tips that has been a challenge for researchers, until now.
[Read more...]

Good News Beats Bad on Social Networks

According to a New York Times article from March 2013, good news actually travels faster and further on social networks.  This is super good news.  Perhaps times are really changing for the good?  Are you more likely to share good news via Google+, Twitter and Facebook – or do you prefer to share the mainstream, media=fueled downer news of dirty laundry, death and tragedy?


Fireworks Show Shot via Drone and GoPro

Fireworks Filmed by a DroneThis is a super cool video by Jos Stiglingh with a drone and a GoPro camera.  He sent the drone up into the middle of the fireworks show (at great risk to the drone and the camera) and it came back with some awesome shots.

As of this post, this video has 2,056,057 views (including some haters comments) and has been posted on the site at Time.com.  It has over 100,000 views in just the last 30 minutes.  The video itself was first posted on YouTube on May 13, 2014.  Great job Jos!

American Meat Consumption at Lowest Levels in 30 Years

per-capita-meat-intake-300x252According to a post at Dr. Barnard’s blog, the latest statistics from the USDA show that Americans are consuming less meat per capita than at any time in the past 30 years.  This is super good news for the fight against the dangerous obesity epidemic in the US, as it has been proven that those who avoid meat are thinner than meat eaters.

Dr. Barnard is an adjunct associate professor of medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine, and conducts studies on the role of nutrition in diabetes, obesity, and lipid management.  He is from a family that includes both doctors and cattle ranchers – those who advise against eating meat and those who provide it. [Read more...]

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